In addition to Jonathan Rotondo (Class 1 Aerobatic Instructor), Tony Hunt (tailwheel) and Terry Peters (tailwheel), we are pleased to announce the recent hiring of Jean-Rene Brunet (Class 2 Aerobatic / Class 3 Instructor / Tailwheel Instructor) to the Aerobatic / Tailwheel team at the Rockcliffe Flying Club. Jean-Rene completed his PPL in France, CPL at CFAQ in Quebec City and his Instructor Rating at OAS in Ottawa. A Class 3 Instructor with over 1100 hours Instructing, Jean-Rene will be available weekdays and Sundays for aerobatic and tailwheel training.
RFC will be hosting a Scout/Cub Fly Day, to be held on Saturday June 8 (rain date Sunday June 9). Our target is to provide a short flight to approximately 60 members of the Scouting movement. The Scout Leaders will lead the passengers to/from the airplanes (“boarding”), and otherwise occupy the scouts during the day. RFC will supply all other services.

IFR groundschool starts May 23rd

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Our unique IFR ground school is starting a new session on May 23rd. Why is it unique? It is offered as a series of 18 internet-based interactive conferences, not canned Internet material, so you get a chance to interact with other students and the instructor. You also get to do it from the comfort of your home, or anywhere in the world, really, as long as you have an internet connection.
We are pleased to announce our new arrival C-GKSK, a 2000 Cessna 172 S Model. C-GKSK is fuel injected, 180 HP and will primarily be used for Instrument Flying / Training and cross-country rentals. It will also be used for sight-seeing flights and dual cross-country flights to either Cornwall or Kingston. It is not intended to be used for ab-initio training, but under extenuating circumstances, approval may be given by the Chief Flight Instructor from time-to-time and only for specific exercises.
This year’s spring clean-up will be held on Saturday May 4th. Rain date is Sunday May 5th. Planning is underway – there will be a long list of jobs to be performed, both inside and outside the clubhouse, and across the full airport grounds. As the jobs are defined and prioritized they will be posted to the Volunteer Management System, which will be used to perform all sign-ups. There will also be periodic notifications to all members via email.
Please be advised that the Annual General Meeting of the Rockcliffe Flying Club (1961) will take place in the Main Theater at the Canada Aviation and Space Museum at 1:00 PM, Saturday, April 13, 2013. All Club members are invited to attend the meeting and all Sustaining Members and Life Members, in good standing, are entitled to vote at the meeting. On the agenda will be: an overview of the Club status and progress through 2012 a review of the 2012 financial statements appointment of auditors, presentation of the 2013 budget update of the Club’s Strategic Plan review of the results of the member survey elections to the Board of Directors, and such other business as may be brought before the meeting. There will be…

Icing encounter

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“Well, that’s not what I expected!” Have you ever heard yourself mutter these words while flying? I have! On numerous occasions I have heard and seen the “seasoned” pilot with 200 hours under his/her belt whip together a flight plan (based on guesstimate numbers) and thunder out the door to fly to a favorite airport, with the mindset of “get home-itis”. Weather can be a strange thing, as most of us have discovered on our travels. What is forecast might not be what we encounter, as I found out recently on a trip from CYWG (Winnipeg) to CYND (Gatineau) in a pressurized twin. This encounter happened in winter on a domestic IFR flight plan. The trip took us from CYWG to YQT (Thunder Bay VOR),…

Keep exploring Canada

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The Canadian Tourism Commision has put together an exciting video featuring our very own Jonathan Rotondo. The video shows the exciting adventures we Canadians can enjoy in this magnificent country of ours. Check out the video below: